Bryant Ductless Provides Perfect Heating & Air Conditioning in this Whitehall Doctor’s Office

Ductless heating and cooling in South Whitehall Township paThere’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable while you’re at work.

When you’re too hot, you can feel sluggish and unproductive. When you’re too cold, your hands can feel chilly and a sweater doesn’t always cut it.

At Fairmount Medical Center in South Whitehall Township, this becomes an even bigger deal.  

At a family practice office like this one, doctors are examining patients all day, so making sure hands aren’t too hot or too cold becomes a patient care issue- especially if you thought the stethoscope was cold!!

The office is located in a building with other businesses, but the heating and cooling system applied to the whole building, and the doctors needed the ability to adjust the comfort level in their own portion of the building.  They gave us a call here at ICS Heating and A/C to see what we could do to solve this problem for good.

The heating and AC system for the whole building wasn’t providing the control the Family Practice doctor’s office needed to make sure the doctor, staff and patients were comfortable.  

We added two zones of Bryant ductless heat pump systems to provide the heating and cooling they needed to make sure everyone was comfortable no matter where they were in the office.

Ductless heating and cooling in South Whitehall Township pa

When we went out and examined the building, we could see the problem right away. The doctor’s office was connected to the building’s main heating and cooling system, but what might be comfortable for an accountant the next office over, doesn’t work as well when you’re examining patients all day, who are in various stages of dress during the visit. The office needed to have the ability to adjust the temperature as needed in their office space, separate from everyone else.

Ductless heating and cooling in South Whitehall Township paWe knew right away that a Bryant ductless heat pump system would be a great cost-effective solution to this problem. The ductless units have an outside heat pump unit that can attached to multiple individual indoor “cassettes” that sit up on the wall. Each separate cassette can be controlled individually with a remote control, adding the heating or cooling you need, right where you need it.

These units are mounted up on a wall out of the way, and monitor the temperature and humidity throughout a room, and distribute the air evenly, preventing hot and cold spots. Best of all, the units are incredible quiet, which means they won’t ever make it harder for a person with hearing issues to understand the doctor’s instructions, or keep a doctor from hearing breath sounds or a heartbeat accurately. The units are also great for controlling indoor air quality, which is especially important when a doctor is seeing patients who could have breathing issues, asthma, allergies or colds.

Ductless heating and cooling in South Whitehall Township paWe were able to put the outdoor unit right outside the two offices that needed additional comfort, and run short lines to the wall mounted units, ensuring they did not take up any more space than needed, and that the comfort needed was delivered efficiently to the offices where it was needed.

For a business, cost is always a concern, Bryant ductless heat pump and air conditioning systems like this one use inverter technology, which allows them to be incredibly energy -efficient while providing state of the art heating and cooling as needed. In fact, these units are so efficient, many energy companies offer rebates because they really reduce energy usage- in this case the office qualified for a $200 rebate from Bryant to help make the solution even more cost effective to install. Between this and the energy savings the business is likely to see when the units are in operation, we’re sure the office will appreciate the bottom line savings as well.

In the end, this sort of solution is all about comfort and care for the Doctor, staff and patients. We were able to deliver a cost-effective solution that will help keep everyone happy and healthy for many years to come!

If your home or business needs to have more control over its comfort, give us a call at ICS heating and A/C. We have a wide range of experience helping homeowners and business owners get the comfort they need to help build their business and keep the bottom line intact as well.

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