Bryant Ductless Heating & Cooling Installation in a Colonial Home in Whitehall, PA

Sometimes, newly constructed homes like this beautiful colonial in Whitehall PA can have heating and cooling problems as a result of a flawed HVAC design or “builder grade” home comfort system.

In new construction, there are often large master suites with high ceilings, but they can still have problems with being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.  

The owner of this gorgeous colonial home gave us a call at ICS Heating and A/C to see what we could do to solve her problem

Problem: Master bedroom wasn’t getting the heating and cooling from the whole home system as expected. The homeowner wanted additional cooling for the Master Bedroom so she could sleep comfortably!

Solution: Install a Bryant ductless heat pump system to provide an additional, customizable zone of heating and cooling just for the master suite, ensuring perfect comfort every day of the year.

When we came out to see why the master bedroom wasn’t getting the cooling the homeowner craved, the main cause was clear- the master bedroom was located at the farthest point from the air handler- that big, outdoor unit that you see next to most homes- and because of the distance, the master bedroom wasn’t getting the cooling that the rooms closer, with shorter runs of ductwork, were getting.  As a result, the master wasn’t getting the comfort they wanted, and adjustments to get comfortable meant making the rest of the home uncomfortable, as well as wasting energy!

We see this problem often- there’s an area or room of a home that just seems to always be too hot or too cold. One of the best and most cost effective solutions is to create a separate heating and cooling system that serves that area. Sometimes people will try to provide extra heat with baseboard heating, but this does nothing to help with cooling. We recommended Bryant’s terric ductless heat pump system, which can create a separate, customizable zone of heating and cooling wherever you need it. Ductless systems don’t rely on duct work- they have simple, wall mounted units that provide great cooling and heating with the touch of a button!

The units are tucked up, out of the way.

 They monitor both the temperature and the humidity in a room, and distribute cool (or hot) air evenly around a space, eliminating the hot and cold spot issues you can get with other solutions. The systems are also whisper-quiet, which makes them perfect for a master bedroom, where having a quiet, peaceful and comfortable atmosphere are a must!

The indoor unit connects to an outdoor heat pump, allowing it to provide both heating and cooling ability to the indoor unit as needed.  By using state-of-the-art inverter technology, the unit can provide great heat even when it’s -22F outside, and great cooling even if it’s 125F outside- extremes we rarely, if ever, see here in the Allentown area! That means these units can work well all year long, and use just the energy needed to keep your space a constant, comfortable temperature. This makes these units cost-effective to run, Summer or Winter! Best of all, by creating this separate zone of comfort, our homeowner will no longer have to crank up the heat or air conditioning for the entire home in order to get the comfort she wants in her master suite- and that will save significant money on energy as well!

Just think of it- it’s a cold, winter morning. You can feel the frost in the air. Our homeowner can use the convenient remote control to adjust the temperature before she even gets out of bed, to make sure there’s no more frosty walk to the bathroom or closet in the morning, no more shivering while getting ready for the day. Likewise, if you ever feel too hot and sweaty in the summer, the remote will add that touch of cooling you need to make sure you get a comfortable night’s sleep,waking up feeling refreshed, not sweaty.

If you have an area of your home that seems too hot or too cold and never quite comfortable, give us a call at ICS Heating and A/C.  We can help design a perfect solution for your home, to make sure you get all the comfort you need to enjoy the full value of your home.

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